About us...

We have a big family and an active life. We love it that way, and our Rottweilers are part of that. They love to go hiking, or tag along with whatever we do.


Our commitment to ourselves and to our Rotties is that we will never have more dogs or puppies then we can truly enjoy. At just two or so litters a year, it's great excitement when puppies arrive and the kids love to be a part of helping with the puppy chores. 


At the same time, it's not just about cute puppies. We are serious about the breed and committed to producing only top quality Rottweilers that are true to the breed standard.


All of our dogs are either imported from European countries or born in our home from our imported dogs. They have not only great structure, conformation, and heads, but also are great family dogs. Their personalities are second to none. Sweet and mellow, they love to hang around in the house and just be with us.


Von Haus Fischer Rottweilers breeds for the total Rottweiler; a dog that embodies breed type, working ability, and sound temperament. Because European countries have a higher regulated and therefore more successful breeding program, we chose to import our dogs from Europe. We are extremely pleased with our imported Rottweilers as they are confident, stable and friendly like a true Rottweiler should be.

Von Haus Fischer Rottweilers follows the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale)

Breed Standard and does not dock tails on our puppies.


Bottle feeding time...

Helping with the puppies

is a job for the whole family!


The children all love when new babies arrive, and normally can't handle them as much as they would like. So when we had a momma

who was a little low on milk and the babies needed a little extra, the whole gang pitched in to help.

Dogs are social creatures and love it the most when they have one of their people to run and play outside with. Here Debra is playing ball with Ria, my mom's dog. 


My parents live is SC and we don't get to see them as often as we would like, so it was a real treat to have them come and bring their Rottie, Ria to visit. Ria loved our kids and had a great time having acres to roam.

Thanks for visiting us, Mom and Dad!